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Is bending your back when lifting bad?

IS IT BAD TO BEND YOUR BACK? Have you heard: “Don’t bend your back”, “Stand up straight”, “Stop slouching over”, “I have a bulging disc, I don’t want to bend” Well today’s current evidence is showing that bending your back when lifting or moving on a daily basis is actually very heal

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When should I get an X-ray/scan for my injury?

When should i get a scan for my injury? When Should You Get a Scan for Your Injury? It is common for people to feel that in order to know what is causing their pain, they need to have a scan. However, there are many benefits to not getting a scan straight away. Benefits of […]

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Ice or Heat for an Injury: When to Use What? Using ice or heat on an injury can help reduce swelling and pain. However, it’s important to use the right treatment at the right time. Ice Use ice for acute injuries, or injuries that are less than 48 hours old. Ice can help reduce swelling, […]

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